Kit Kat Sake Yogurt Flavor Limited Edition

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Kit Kat Sake Yogurt Flavor Limited Edition

πŸ”₯🌑🌞*Heat Sensitive Item* 🌞🌑πŸ”₯

Important Notice: Heat Sensitivity - Please Read Before Purchasing! We want to inform you that this item is sensitive to heat, especially during shipping. While most orders arrive without any issues, there is a possibility that it might melt when in the possession of the courier. After your order is delivered, it's crucial to take it inside promptly. Avoid letting it sit outside in the heat, as this may cause the item to melt. If you receive the item melted, don't worry! Simply place it in your fridge or freezer for 15-20 minutes to restore it to an edible form. By purchasing this item, you agree to understand and acknowledge its heat sensitivity. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy your purchase without any problems! If you have any concerns please reach out to us.

SKU: KK7647
UPC: 4902201176477
Brand: Shadow Anime
Product type: Candy