Hata Ramune Soda 8 Pack Variety Gift Set

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Hata Ramune Soda 8 Pack Variety Gift Set 
Ramune is a carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan

Random Pack:

For our Random Pack, flavors are prepackaged and include 8 Random Flavors* that may include any of the below: 

Blueberry / Banana / Coconut / Grape / Green Apple / Kiwi / Lychee Mango / Melon / 
Muscat / Orange / Original / Peach / Pineapple / Raspberry / Strawberry / Watermelon / Yogurt


*There will not be any duplicates in the pack unless multiple quantities are ordered. Flavors and brands included are based on availability. 

Tailored Pack:

For our Tailored Pack, we can tailor your variety pack to meet your specific needs by requesting specific quantities and flavors.
Please leave a note during checkout of the flavors and quantities you're requesting. 
For example, "2 Strawberry & 6 Raspberry" to make up the 8 pack.
Flavors and brands included are based on availability, we will accommodate as best we can but any unavailable flavors requested will be replaced with random ones.

Brand: Shadow Anime
Product type: Soda