$50 Anime Grab Box


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You get much more than you pay for with this $50 Anime Grab Box. Select the type of item box you would like to receive and we will put together a box at random for you including other assorted anime goodies. Or choose "Random Grab Box" and we will completely randomize your grab box contents to include a variety of different anime items. We also have an option for a mix of anime goodies and Asian snack items for those wanting their Japanese food fix. What are you waiting for? Fulfill your collection and curiosity, get one today!

What's In the Grab Box?
May contain any of these goodies: 
DVDs, keychains, plush dolls, phone straps, buttons, wallets, coin purses, stationary's(notebooks, memo pads, rulers), playing cards, and/or large & small figures.

RARES: DVD Box sets, Action figures, Limited edition plushes